Winner of the 2010 JSME Excellent Product Award
Recognized industry wide for exceptional performance, Yuken's high-speed linear servo valve was recognized by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers with a 2010 JSME Excellent Product Award.

Award Date
21st April, 2011

Cumulative Sales
About 10,000pcs ( in Sept, 2010)

-Direct Type Linear Servo Valves LSVG-03
-Two Stage Type Servo Valves LSVHG-04&06/10
-Linear Servo Ampifier AMLS
-01&03 size Direct OBE Type Servo Valves LSVG-01EH/03EH
-OBE Type Linear Servo Valves(Standard Type) LSVHG-03EH/04EH/06EH
-OBE Type Linear Servo Valves (High Response Type) LSVHG-03EH/04EH/06EH-S