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User-Friendly, Ease of Use!EH Series Direct Operated High Response type Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Directional and Flow Control ValvesA remarkably responsive proportional valve featuring ease of use


  • Feature1:Simple and Convenient

    The addition of OBE to the ELDFG Series simplifies wiring for easy, user-friendly operability. Equipped with a 24V DC power supply; command signal input is the only thing required to realize high-precision, high-speed operation of the hydraulic system.
  • Feature2:Response of Simple Servo Valve

    Includes a differential transformer for detecting spool position to achieve a closed loop configuration. The resulting feedback control produces high response on par with simple servo valves.
    01 Size: 80 Hz / -90℃
    (±25% amplitude)
    03 Size: 50 Hz / -90℃
    (±25% amplitude)
  • Feature3:High Precision

    Hysteresis is 0.1% or less to achieve high precision equivalent to servo valves. The 2% overlap model (spool-type 3C2L) features linearity as a no-load flow characteristic, making this unit ideal for position control and pressure control on machinery.
  • Feature4:Safe and Reliable

    A failsafe function eliminates problems associated with electrical problems during power outages or when power supply cables are severed, ensuring safety.


Model Number ELDFG-01EH ELDFG-03EH
Item -10-3C* -20-3C* -35-3C* -40-3C* -80-3C*
Max. Operating Pressure Mpa 35
Max. Tank Line Back Pressure Mpa 21
Rated Flow (@△P = 1 MPa)
(4-Way Valve)*1
L/min 10 20 35 40 80
Hysteresis 0.1% or less
Repeatability 0.1% or less
Step Response
(Typical Rating)*2
(0→100%V) ms 14 22
(100→0%V) ms 15 23
Frequency Response
(±25% Amplitude)
(Typical Rating)*3
(Phase: -90degree) Hz 88 56
(Gain: -3dB Hz Hz 80 52
Vibration Proof G 10
Protection IP65
Ambient Temperature -15 - 60
Spool Stroke to Stops mm ±2.5 ±3
Coil Resistance [20 ℃] Ω 3 2
Current Consumption A 2 (Implulse Load 3A)
Approx. Mass kg 3.3 7.3
Electric Connection 6 PE Connector

Electrical Specifications

Pin / Valve Model ELDFG-*EH-*-D ELDFG-*EH-*-E ELDFG-*EH-*F
Pin A Power Supply 24V DC (21.6 - 26.4V DC Included Ripple), 75VA or more
Pin B 0V
Pin C Signal Common COM (0V)
Pin D Input ( ) (Differential)*1 0 - ±10 V
Ri ≥ 50kΩ
4 - 20mA
Ri = 200Ω
0 - ±10mA
Ri = 200Ω
Pin E Input (-) (Differential)*1
Pin F Spool Travel Monitoring 0 - ±10V
Ri ≥ 10kΩ
4 - 20mA
Ri = 100 - 500Ω*2
0 - ±10mA
Ri = 100 - 500Ω*2
Pin Protective Earth -

*1. Differential input signals can be used only for the valves with the voltage signal specifications of ±10V (ELDFG-*EH-*-D).
*2. The recommended load resistance is 200Ω.

Electrical Specifications


Injection molding machine, Wood Processing Machine, Various test equipment

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