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Conforms to Global Standards!A3HG Series High Pressure Variable Piston PumpsAdvancing into global markets


  • Feature1:Conforms to International Standards

    Conforms to JIS standards as well the EU's ISO 3019-2 and North America's SAE J744 standards for installation compatibility with pumps used around the world. Key and spline coupling are available as standard for axial ends.
  • Feature2:High Pressure and Displacement Capacity Range

    Rated pressure increased to 31.5 MPa while maintaining the high performance of the A3H Series. A broad range of displacement capacities are also available, ranging from 16 to 180 cm3/rev, for compatibility with a wide range of medium-high load capacity pump applications.
  • Feature3:The standard configuration features through-drive

    The standard configuration features through-drive to allow connection to drive-side and driven-side pumps up to the same capacity, expanding the maximum flow range. Any pumps conforming to international standards can be used on the driven side, simplifying replacement on the machinery.
  • Feature4:Varied Control Methods

    Pressure compensator control, external pilot method pressure compensator control, and load sensing control are all available, for compatibility with any function.

Capacity Lineup



Models Dispcacement
Min.Adj. Displacement
Operating Press MPa Allowable Shaft Speed
Nominal Max Pressure Max Max
A3HG16 16.3 8 31.5 35 3600 600
A3HG37 37.1 16 2700
A3HG56 56.3 35 2500
A3HG71 70.7 45 2300
A3HG100 100.5 63 2100
A3HG145 145.2 95 1800
A3HG180 180.7 125 1800


Press machines, pipe bending machines, pipe end forming machines, steel mill machines, rolling mill machines, concrete making machines, compactors, tube forming machines, other general industrial machinery/equipment, and general industrial vehicles

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