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Trump Card for Energy Savings! Ultimate Hydraulic System ASR Series AC Servo Motor Driven Pumps


  • Feature1:Energy Efficient and Low Heat

    Eliminates power losses by matching operations to machine requirements. This also minimizes heat emissions from the hydraulic oil and allows use of significantly smaller tank capacities.
  • Feature2:Low Noise

    To minimize operating noise, the motor slows to a near-stop during uploading and pressure control processes.
  • Feature3:High Performance

    Direct AC servo motor control of pump rotation frequency improves response at low pressures and speeds, as well as improving stability.
  • Feature4:Simple and Convenient

    The servo pack and controller are integrated to reduce wiring. Parameters are set by simple digital adjustments.
  • Feature5:Greater Scope of Usage

    A solenoid operated directional valve allows the dual capacity model to switch between small and large capacity, in turn allowing a single pump to handle both low pressure and high flow and high pressure and low flow regimes and significantly expanding the range of pressures and flows the pump can accommodate.
  • Feature6:High Flow

    The AMSR controller's totaling function allows the pump to handle flows of up to 3,200 L/min (ASR10 16 units).

Power Consumption Comparison by Pump Method


Model Numbers Displacement
Operating Pressure
Max. Shaft Speed
Min. Adj Pressure
Hysteresis Repeatability
Rated Intermittent Flow Cont. & Pres. Cont.
ASR1 15.8 16 21 2500 39.5 0.1 1% or Less 1% or Less
ASR2 22.2 16 16 2500 55.5
ASR3 36.9 16 21 2500 92.2
ASR5 56.2 16 21 2300 128.8
ASR10 100.0 21 21 2000 200.0

System Configuration

System Configuration


Injection Molding Machine, Rubber Molding Machine, Press Forging Machine

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