Hydraulic Products

Forming Machines

Functions Hydraulic type Mechanical type
Pressure adjustment Easy Difficult
Pressure maintenance Easy Impossible
Stroke length Easily extensible Difficult to extend
Change in stroke length Extremely easy Generally difficult
Maintenance work Difficult Easy
Processing speed Slow Fast
The end position of stroke Correctly determined by
position control
(by servo valve)
Correctly determined in
general models

Pump Control Systems

Honing Machines

Hydraulic presses mainly use a control system where an AC servo motor directly drives a hydraulic pump. The system has the following features.
- The motor operates in rotation speed that matches the requirements made by a machine, realizing a significantly reduced energy consumption and noise level.
- A compact machine design thanks to the reduced capacity of a oil tank.
- The motor can be reduced in capacity since only necessary amounts of pressure and flow are supplied.
- Fewer control valves that make hydraulic circuits more simple.

ASR Series AC Servo Motor Driven
Motor Pumps

ASR Series AC Servo Motor Driven Motor Pumps - Energy saving
- Low noise
- High performance

Valve Control Systems

Machining Centers

Press brakes must finish a product with correct angles and dimensions.
By using a linear servo valve, it allows to control positions and loads(pressure) with a high degree of accuracy during processing, making high-quality products to be easily manufactured.

On-Board Electronics (OBE) Type
Linear Servo Valves

On-Board Electronics (OBE) Type Linear Servo Valves - Simple
- High accuracy
- High response

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