Hydraulic Products

Tool Machines

Standard Hydraulic Unit

Standard Hydraulic Unit - Low noise
- Compact dimensions
- High efficiency

Energy-Saving Hydraulic Units and Controllers

Energy-Saving Hydraulic Units and Controllers - Energy-Saving
- Low Noise
- Low Heat Generation

Directional Control Valves

Directional Control Valves - Extensive equipment types
- Low pressure
- Stable operations

Standard Hydraulic Cylinders

Standard Hydraulic Cylinders - Extensive mounting types
- Extensive range of sizes
- Smooth cushioning effect

Honing Machines

Honing Machines

Linear servo valves provide excellent repeat stability, helping to improve the smoothness of processing surfaces.
The valves can handle up to NAS10-class hydraulic oil contamination, helping to simplify the process of hydraulic oil management compared to conventional servo valves.

Linear Servo Valves

Linear Servo Valves - High precision
- High response
- Excellent contamination resistance

Honing Machines

Machining Centers

Machining Centers

Balancing valves provide energy efficiency when raising spindle heads. A piston is inserted to suspend the spindle heads; hydraulic oil is supplied under the piston to reduce the load on the servo motor.

Hydraulic oil is also used in the following mechanisms:
- Tool unclamping
- Auto tool changer (ATC)
- Auto palette changer (APC)

Balancing Valve

Balancing Valve - Simple balance pressure adjustments
- Simplified circuitry

Honing Machines

Numerical Control Machine

The work chuck features a pressure-reducing valve to ensure an optimal hold during processing. To prevent warping, a reducing modular valve for low pressure settings is used for thin-wall work, as shown in the diagrammed circuit.

A pressure switch modular valve checks the chuck by detecting pressure signals. A modular-type pressure switch and pressure-reducing valve for low pressure settings significantly reduces the piping and installation space required.

01Series Modular Valves

01Series Modular Valves - Space saving
- Simple circuit configuration
- Higher reliability

Honing Machines

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