Yuken's CSR Activities

Conservation of global environment and resources is a priority issue to be addressed by all humankind. With that recognition, we are positively promoting activities to contribute to our environment and society.

Collection of aluminum cans

In 2007, we started a campaign to collect aluminum cans consumed at our business locations, sell them, and donate wheelchairs purchased with the proceeds to welfare facilities. The cumulative weight of cans collected by October 2015 amounts to 2,236 kg, and we have so far purchased three wheelchairs and donated them to Ayase City Council of Social Welfare. Now they are effectively used for social welfare services at Ayase Volunteer Center. The amount of aluminum cans required to afford a wheelchair is about 450 kg.
We will continue to promote the campaign that serves for social welfare while achieving effective utilization of resources.

Flow of collecting aluminum cans

Collection of plastic bottle caps

As in the case of aluminum cans, we collect used caps of plastic bottles (PET bottles) consumed at our business locations, in order to raise funds for purchasing polio vaccines. We bring some 5,000 caps to Ayase Volunteer Center once a month.

A contribution of 430 plastic bottle caps is worth 10 yen, and the cost for polio vaccination is 20 yen per child. That is, we can save the life of a child by collecting 860 caps (2 kg). This means that Yuken is contributing to the purchase of polio vaccine for about six children every month.
We will continue to promote the recycling campaign to save the lives of children around the world.

Separate Plastic Caps from PET Bottles for Recycling

*Illustrations from the Ministry of Economy,
Trade and Industry's Illustrated Waste Handbook
(August 8, 2005/Aluminum Cans,Plastic Bottle Caps and PET Bottles).