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1929 Uichi Yuki founded Yuki Mfg. Works, an automobile repair shop in Tokyo.
1931 Started manufacturing machine tools.
1940 Succeeded in producing hydraulic honing machines.
Succeeded in producing hydraulic vane pumps and various types of hydraulic control valves, buildeing up s base as a manufacturer of hydraulic equipment.
1945 Founded Yuki Mfg. Ibaraki Fukuroda factory.
1952 Founded Yuatsukiki Kenkyujo and started bussiness as a hydraulic equipment manufacturer. Capital:¥1.2 million.
1956 Reorganized into Yuken Kogyo Co., Ltd. Capitall:¥6 million.
1959 Founded the sales company Yuhan Hydraulics Co., Ltd.
(current Yuken Kogyo Co., Ltd. Osaka office)

Built the Fujisawa factory.

1962 Listed its stock on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Excahnge.Capital:¥190 million.
1964 Moved the head office to Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture.
1967 Opened the Tokyo office.
1969 Fouded Taiwan Hydraulics Mfg. Co., Ltd. (joint venture).
1969 Capital:¥913.5 million.
1970 Founded Osaka Yuken Co., Ltd.
1970 Opened the Research & Development Center and the Sagami factory in Kanagawa Prefecture(current Sagami factory).
1970 Listed its stock on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Capital:¥1.2 billion.
1976 Founded Yuken India Ltd. (joint venture).
1978 Founded Yuken Kogyo (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
1979 Founded Hokuriku Yuken Co., Ltd. (sales company).
1980 Founded Yuken (U.K.) Ltd. in the United Kingdom.
1984 Installed a large hydraulic system works in the Sagami factory.
Renamed the factory as the Sagami plant.
1986 Opened the No.1 Component Assembly Center in the Sagami plant.
1987 Founded Yuken Service.Co., Ltd.
1992 Founded Yuci Yuken Hydraulics Co., Ltd. (joint venture), in China.
1992 Opened the No.2 works in the Fukuroda factory.
1992 Opened the Technical Center in the Sagami plant.
1996 ISO 9001 Certification obtained.
1997 Absorbed Yuken Hymex Co., Ltd.
2001 Founded Yuken Hydraulic (Dongguang) Co., Ltd. in China.
2004 Moved the head office to the Sagami plant. Integrated the Fujisawa factory into the Sagami plant. Built a new factory in Sagami (Head Office and Sagami Plant).
2005 ISO 14001 Certification obtained.
2006 Founded Yuken Hydraulics (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd. in China.
2007 Founded Yuken Korea Co., Ltd.
2010 Founded Yuken Kogyo (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in China.
2012 Founded YUKEN SEA CO., LTD. in Thailand.
2013 Founded Yuken Kogyo (Foshan) Co., Ltd. in China.